Flight Sergeant (ATC) Daniel Pearmain

FS (ATC) Daniel PearmainShooting Officer

Other Responsibilities: Adventure Training, Aeromodelling and Sports

Flight Sergeant (ATC) Daniel Pearmain joined 1039 (Gillingham) Squadron as a cadet in November 2002. He saw cadet service up to the rank of Sergeant, leaving in November 2009 when he reached the age of 20. He immediately became a Civilian Instructor on the squadron before returning to uniformed service as a Sergeant (ATC) in September 2012, with promotion to the rank of Flight Sergeant (ATC) in November 2016. FS (ATC) Pearmain was appointed to the role of Shooting Officer and in July 2013 became a Range Conducting Officer.

Outside of the RAF Air Cadets, FS (ATC) Pearmain works as an electrical engineer.