Civilian Instructor David Bairnsfather

Mr David BairnsfatherTraining Officer

Other Responsibilities: Quartermaster

David Bairnsfather joined 46F (Kensington) Squadron as a cadet in March 1962. He saw cadet service up to the rank of Flight Sergeant before leaving in February 1969. He returned to the RAF Air Cadets as a member of the 1039 (Gillingham) Squadron civilian committee in 2001, becoming chairman of the committee in 2002. He left the committee in July 2003 when he became a Civilian Instructor and became 1039 (Gillingham) Squadron’s Training Officer in 2016, having been the squadron’s Adjutant for 12 years.

Outside of the RAF Air Cadets, Mr Bairnsfather works as a driver for a local business. He married Linda in August 1988 and they have three children, Andrew, Matthew and Paul.